“Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.”

Denis Leary

Follow your instinct at Meatlicious Restaurant


Our mission is to cook your meat to its best possible deliciousness. Charring and sizzling, everything in the kitchen at Meatlicious revolves around wood-fired grills, except the one and only electric device— the sous-vide machine—which is there to tenderize the meat without losing all the flavors and the juice. Elsewhere, our chefs bake, grill and fry everything using wood fire, from meat cooked a la plancha and on Argentine grate to the wood fire oven-burnt ice cream.

Our Service

Opening Hrs :

Everyday 18.00 – Midnight

Last order :


Special Seat :

Small Room with private balcony for 6 people Big Room for 8-10 people

Parking :

Approximately 12 cars with Valet service Nearby Parking @ Big C Ekkamai Soi 6